Nicki Minaj Stops By The 'Today' Show

By Jocelyn Vena

Nicki Minaj is ready to hit the road now that the world has its hands on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. She dropped the rap/pop opus this week, and now she just wants to travel the world and chill out with her Barbz and Kenz.

"I don't get the jitters," Minaj said on Friday's (April 6) "Today," where she later performed her RedOne track "Starships." "Honestly, it's a better album [than Pink Friday]. It's so much more well-rounded. It's way more songs. Everything's way more exciting on this album.

"I'm about to start my world tour this year. My fans across seas have been going crazy. I'm just excited more than anything for me is the fact that this album's now done and on the way and I can go see my fans."

She opened up about why she decided to write a song titled "Marilyn Monroe" for the album. The Dr. Luke-produced track is a slower number about her insecurities. "It was just a longing for something, like a longing for approval," Minaj revealed. "And I feel like women in power, successful women as successful as them, they have that desire to still be loved, to still always be great, to still be approved," she explained about using the iconic Hollywood actress as her muse.

Monroe wasn't the only icon Minaj discussed on "Today": She also dished about working with Madonna on her MDNA album, as well as hitting the stage with her to perform at the Super Bowl.

Asked whether she's been influenced by Lady Gaga, Minaj said, " I don't really know Gaga," adding, "But as far as Madonna, I had the pleasure of working with her, and I feel she's really changed and reinvented not only herself, but pop culture. What inspires me about Madonna is that she's able to balance all of this with her family and her personal life, and I told her that.

"She's just everything, and that's what made me so nervous before I went on," she continued about taking the stage at the Super Bowl with seemingly the whole world watching. "At one point, I was literally about to freeze up when I was waiting to go up on the stage — knees shaking, hands freezing cold, everything."

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