Nas And Gary Clark Jr. Collaborate For ESPN

By Andres Marin

Hip-Hop legend Nas and newer sensation guitarist/singer Gary Clark Jr. have collaborated once again to broadcast their music through ESPN's NFL 2012 Draft. Three tracks have been recreated to be played in and out of commercial breaks as well as in highlight packages; and videos of both artists will be played during the event as well.

"Train" and "The Don" were taken from Nas' upcoming album under Def Jam Records, scheduled for later this year. “The Don” was released a few weeks ago as a first peak at the album, and is getting lots to talk about already. On the other side, "Bright Lights" from the homonymous EP that has exploded Clark's career will include some lyrics by Nas for the football three-day presentation. Gary is also preparing a new album for later this year; the 28 year-old seems to be the new Lenny Kravitz, in the sense that he blends many styles while creating a new sound. His bluesy inclined music is often compared to Jimi Hendrix’s.

Both artists worked before with ESPN, and this songs were a perfect fit according to the channel’s music director Kevin Wilson. "Bright Lights" talks about New York, where Nas is from and where the football event will be on primetime starting Thursday, April 26 at 8pm (ET).