Jay-Z Narrates 'Marcy To Barclays' Rocawear Ad

Jay-Z has put almost 20 years of work into a career that's far surpassed music and now includes multiple enterprises such as his Rocawear clothing line and investment in the Nets basketball team. In a new commercial for Rocawear titled "Marcy to Barclays" Hov looks back at his rise to fame and the things still to come.

"Marcy to Barclays" references Jay-Z's investment in the NBA Nets and their transition to the newly constructed Barclays Center, which the team will inhabit in Downtown Brooklyn beginning this fall. The 30-second, black-and-white clip begins with snapshots of New York City and the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, where Jay grew up.

"Wherever you grow up, it's your root, and I'm a kid from the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn," he begins in a voice-over.

As the scenery changes to incorporate shots of Jay in the studio and at his Rocawear offices, the mogul begins to reflect on the drive that's led him to so much success. "I don't know if you're ever done; it's almost like climbing a mountain," he says. "You see another mountain, then you go to the next one and the next one.

"My goal was to have one gold album, and that was it," he adds, considering the impressive arc of his career since his 1996 debut, with Reasonable Doubt. "Then it became ... I want to show that artists can ascend to the executive ranks."

To say that Jay has achieved new career highs in the past year alone would be an understatement. In February, he performed a pair of sold-out charity shows at Carnegie Hall in New York, a groundbreaking moment for a hip-hop artist. "Any time I get a chance to expand and broaden the reach of hip-hop is a great thing for me on a personal level," Jay told MTV News when he originally announced the pair of shows at Carnegie Hall.