Mike Tyson Talks Timbaland Flash Mob At WWE Press Conference

"Iron Mike" Tyson didn't waste anytime making his presence felt at WrestleMania 28. During a press conference for tonight's WWE mega event at the Sun Stadium in Miami Florida, Tyson interrupted grappling Superstar Sheamus about 30 seconds into the festivities.

"You think you're coming out of here with the championship?" Tyson, dressed in a V-Neck white tee shirt, scowled to Sheamus, walking through the crowd of reporters.

Sheamus sat at a table with a microphone and replied he would be victorious in his Heavyweight title match tonight.

"No way! Where's your lucky rabbit foot?" Tyson said to the Irish wrestler. "You don't have it do you?"

"I haven't believed in 'Lucky Charms' since I was seven."

Tyson then asked him if he kissed the "Blarney Stone," walking closer to Sheamus and joining him at the table on the small stage.

"The Blarney Stone" hasn't been kissed in 3000 years," Sheamus, now smiling and taking pictures with "Iron Mike" said. "I've never kissed a Blarney Stone."

Later, with Tyson back stage, Sheamus had a prediction if Mike ever became a wrestler.

"Me and Mike Tyson could have a helluva scrap."

Afterwards Tyson had his own separate time in front of the press and declared

"I want to be apart of the WWE family. I'll wrestle people. I like this stuff."

Tyson also declared he was "the world's worst dancer," when asked about being apart of Timbaland's Flash mob earlier in the week.

Lastly, Mike--who was inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE's Hall of Fame last night at the American Airline's Arena"--also described what other type of roles he wanted in Hollywood to follow-up his "Hangover" series cameos.

Tyson said he wanted to play an "Stalker, psycho killer," or "The DC sniper."