Diggy Simmons Fires Shots At J. Cole, Defends Sister Vanessa On ‘What You Say To Me’

By Rob Markman

Guess when it comes to Diggy Simmons’ rap career fans will have to continually expect the unexpected. Lees than two weeks after the Son of Rev. Run dropped his debut Unexpected Arrival, young Diggy sent a few shots J. Cole’s way on “What You Say To Me,” a surprising dis track that made it’s way onto the Internet Sunday morning. Apparently the 17-year old Simmons has taken exception to a few of Cole’s lyrics, specifically the second verse on the Roc Nation MC’s “Purple Rain.” 

Diggy Simmons Says He Didn't Leak J. Cole Diss Track

On the 2010 track Jermaine describes a sexual tryst with a preacher’s daughter, widely speculated to be in reference to Digg’s sister Vanessa Simmons.

Cole also name dropped Vanessa on “Grew Up Fast,” a song he released in February after he reached two million Twitter followers. “What up Vanessa? I loved ya that one semester,” he spit after he rhymed, “You n---as is not Russell, you’re more Diggy/ Me I’m more Biggie.” To his credit, J. Cole did clean up the insult later in the song saying that he didn’t mean to dis Diggy, he was simply rapping.

Whatever the case, Digg clearly felt the sing and addressed it directly on his new song. “The other day I was listening to ‘Purple Rain’/ Couldn’t believe all of the things I heard him say,” Diggy spits on “What You Say to Me.” The 17-year old Simmons continues with “Who Dat, who dat? You know who it is/ Heard you lying on my sis, tellin’ people that you hit/ When ya album drops, I’ma hit you with your brick/ So I’ma bomb first on you since you wanna riff.”

Reverend Run Defends Diggy Simmons In J. Cole Beef. Is Diggy Right?

Diggy went on to question Cole’s track record with women calling him a “broke back Jake Gyllenhaal” and then dares him to call his Roc Nation boss Jay-Z into the fray. Whoa!

Is this a legitimate beef or a way for Diggy to drum up excitement for his debut album which only sold 21,000 in it’s first week? We guess time will tell.

What do you think of Diggy’s shots at J. Cole?