Joe Budden Explains NYC Arrest Before Slaughterhouse Show

Joe Budden was noticeably absent from Slaughterhouse's Thursday night show in New York City because the New Jersey rapper was arrested for a traffic violation stemming from a 2007 incident. In an interview with Fuse TV, Budden addressed the arrest, explaining that the situation didn't come to his attention until it was too late. “I'm pretty cut and dry about," Budden told Fuse. "It was an unpaid ticket, bench warrant; and when there's a bench warrant they catch you when they can catch you."

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"And it just so happens we had a sold out show at Best Buy Theater, and that's where the decided to catch me...I always perform in New York," he continued. "The bottom line of it is if I would have known about the situation it would have been cleared up, but I didn't. It had never popped up before and I had gone through the system a few times.”

Slaughterhouse Show Recap:

On Thursday night, just a few minutes after 10 p.m. Joell Ortiz opened the Slaughterhouse show at the Best Buy Theater by reciting his verse to the group's fan-favorite "The Illest." Long Beach, California MC Crooked I followed, but there was a visible absence. The DJ cued up "Sound Off" next and Royce da 5'9" marched out spewing his patented Detroit venom, but with three quarters of the Slaughterhouse machine on stage, Joe Budden's absence was glaring. It was then that Slaughterhouse announced their outspoken bandmate had been arrested by the NYPD.

In full support, the crowd began to shout "Joey, Joey, Joey," without any prompting from Joell, Crook or Nickel Nine.

The group then went into a portion of their infamous 2011 B.E.T. Hip-Hop Award Show cypher. Joell spit his verse and then went into his solo underground gem "Hip-Hop." Budden was missed, but the now-three-headed lyrical Shady Records monster carried on.There was no "Pump It Up" or Mood Muzik verses, but Budden's band of brothers still repped performing their solo hits as well as posse cuts like "Microphone" and "Hammer Dance."

That didn't stop the crowd from chanting for Joe Budden. "We love Joey too, chanting for him ain't gonna get him outta jail," Royce responded.