James Franco To Play Riff Raff In 'Spring Break' Movie

By Elizabeth Lancaster

From the Oscar stage to Spring Break, James Franco is proving he can do it all. Former MTV reality star Riff Raff, who appeared on "From G's to Gents," starring Fonzworth Bentley, has just announced that James Franco will be playing him in a new film called “Spring Breakers.” Even with Franco’s endless variety of characters and occupations in his past, this will be a fresh and distinct role for him.

Riff Raff commented on the importance of Franco understanding him and his personal style while embodying this role, explaining, "I sent him a few things. But all you gotta do [to see how I dress] is search through my videos. I got a pretty distinct style, with the braids, the jewelry." We can’t wait to see Franco step up to the challenge.

The movie is currently being filmed with the rest of the film's diverse ensemble including Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Gucci Mane.  Just as exciting as this assortment of artists is the premise of the movie itself. Four college girls arrested and put in jail for robbing a restaurant (for their spring break vacation fund) are bailed out by a drug and arms dealer (James Franco), who expects them to do some dirty work.  With that cast, plot, and director Harmony Korine (the creator of “Kids”) we can only expect bold things.