No Malice Wants Pusha T To Stop Picking On Drake

You can always count on siblings to put you in your place. When Pusha T released his freestyle over the beat to Drake's single "Don't F--- With Me" last fall, one line in particular stood out as a shot at Drake ("The swag don’t match the sweaters") and his eccentric sweater selections, but the G.O.O.D. Music rapper has always denied that any shots were fired. Too bad his brother Malice--excuse us, we mean No Malice--finally outed him in a recent interview, where he says that he wants Pusha to stop picking on Drake.

"I want Pusha to stop picking on Drake, I like Drake," No Malice told BET in an interview. "Yeah I like Drake."

Either way, Drake wasn't too upset about the whole thing. In a February interview with Vibe he brushed it off, saying, "I’ve been really open about my love for the Clipse. I don’t know [why he dissed me], maybe that guy is bored." Doubtful that this is the last time another rapper will take jabs at him.

No Malice is currently working on a new mixtape Hear Ye Him, which he's expected to roll out later this year. "As far as features, you're definitely going to get The Re-Up Gang of course, my brother, Ab-Liva definitely," he says. "I've been working with Chad from The Neptunes, and Pharrell also. Boi-1da, and myself are about to do something as well. The first single is titled 'Different.'"