Rick Ross Wins Battle With Freeway Rick Ross Over Name

Roger Kisby/ Getty Images

Back in February drug kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross was gearing up for a showdown with rapper Rick Ross in court over what he felt was the illegal use of his name, but it seems that the battle royale has been cut short. TMZ reports that an L.A. County Superior Court judge has thrown out the case, allowing Rick Ross to keep his alias and skip the drama.

Freeway first targeted Ross with a $10 million lawsuit over the name, but that was dismissed in 2010 and he followed up by pushing in court. In a February interview with TheBoomBox, the crime boss threw some harsh words at Rozay.

“We're still going to be doing depositions for the next couple weeks. The judge ruled that she's going to make this a public trial. As soon as she makes the final ruling, I'll be releasing William Roberts' [aka Rick Ross] deposition publicly,” Freeway told TheBoomBox. “I can't wait, so everyone can see what a clown he is. The way he clowned me. He shook all the white people's hand in the room and totally disrespected me in the room. When they get to see some of the things he says on camera ... I couldn't believe some of the things he said on camera. Let the world see it.