Rihanna On Ashton Kutcher Rumors: 'I'm Single'

By Jocelyn Vena (@jocelyn1212)

Last week rumors began to fly about a relationship between Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher, when the 24-year-old star was reportedly spotted leaving Kutcher's Los Angeles home in the wee morning hours. Well, during a press conference in London for her upcoming movie "Battleship," one bold reporter actually questioned Rihanna about the rumor (to the pop star's dismay). 

After meandering around about Ri's fans and their love for her, she eventually got to her point: Would she get any visits from Kutcher while out promoting the film?

The singer's response? Well, she wasn't amused. "Wow, how disappointing was that question," she said in a video posted on the website. "I'm happy and I'm single, if that's what you're really asking."

While in London, the singer took some time to visit her pal Drake, who was in town performing at the O2 arena earlier this week. The singer was spotted riding the Tube to the show on Tuesday night. Wearing her hair blond and shaggy, she was decked out in thigh-high boots, a leather jacket and a flame-embossed T-shirt over barely there denim shorts. The only way she disguised herself was with a pair of sunglasses.

"There's so much traffic. It's approximately an hour and a half to the O2 every time. ... I hate waking up early and I'm always late, so the tube is like 10 minutes," she told interviewer Jonathan Ross recently about her love for public transportation. Post-show she and Drake headed to Low nightclub to hang out with pals.

Ri is currently out promoting the May release of "Battleship," but she recently shot a trio of music videos. Fans should keep a lookout for her clip with Drake for "Take Care," as well as videos for her collabo with Coldplay on "Princess of China" and her own video for "Where Have You Been."