Lil B Set To Lecture At New York University

By Elizabeth Lancaster

Got 5 dollars? Because that’s all it will cost to see Lil B at New York University next week.  The creator of the #based hash tag wants to continue to enlighten the world, as his appearance will not be a performance, but actually a lecture.  Only NYU students can attend, to the sure disappointment of most New Yorkers (and recent NYU graduates) but we assume there will be multiple live-tweeting students in the audience to keep the world up to speed. 

While this might seem like an unlikely match, it actually makes sense from both ends.  NYU hired Swizz Beatz last year as Producer-in-Residence at the Clive Davis School of Recorded Music, and the school also offers a highly desired course called “Leaders in Music: Jay-Z.” As for Lil B the Based God loves to spread his word, even titling one of his recent singles “I Got AIDS” to encourage his fans to be tested for HIV. The rapper/activist told RapFix, “I have a lot of songs that have sexual lyrics, and I want to tell people the truth about sexuality and to make sure that they get tested if they’re sexually active.”

The social media king took to Twitter to explain his new gig, writing, “the reason why i am having my first rare lecture at NYU university is because I specialize in the progression of human race.” Well there you have it. Besides that, there are no details on what Lil B will be discussing, although it might have something to do with promoting the mixtape he recently released.  To quote him, he hopes to have “Swag like Sexton.” Don’t we all?

**Still TBD if Won Ton soup will be served at dining halls that day in his honor.