El DeBarge Arrested For Drug Possession In LA

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Singer El DeBarge was arrested for drug possession in Los Angeles on Tuesday. According to TMZ LA police officials believe that the famous R&B singer, who initiated a comeback with the 2010 album Second Chance, was attempting to deal the illegal substance. DeBarge was arrested at approximately 2p.m. on Tuesday in Encino, California near the city’s 101 Freeway, when police reportedly caught in what seemed to be a drug deal. 

The singer was arrested for possession of narcotics with intent to sell, adding it to his list of previous run-ins with the law. He’s been arrested for drug possession three times since 2001. The 51-year-old was eventually released on $30, 000 bail.

DeBarge was present at the Grammy Awards this year, where he received a nomination for Best R&B Album with his 2010 release Second Chance. In a recent, revealing interview with TheBoomBox, DeBarge opened up about his struggle with drugs, saying, “It attacks leadership and it just attacks things and it gives you a challenge that you really don't want to have but you have to be strong and we all have the strength.”

In 2008, DeBarge was sentenced to two years in prison for violating probation when he was found with crack and drug paraphernalia in his possession.