Odd Future Will Wreak Havoc On 'RapFix Live' This Week

By Rob Markman

Ready for this one? This Wednesday the entire Odd Future crew--that'd be Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Domo Genesis, Mike G., Syd tha Kid, Matt Martians, Jasper Dolphin, Taco and Earl Sweatshirt--are set to cause mayhem on "RapFix Live."

Odd Future's 'Oldie' Video Features Every Golf Wang Member

The group broke through in February 2011, when Tyler and Hodgy famously performed their single "Sandwitches" on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and have been on a meteoric rise ever since. Sadly, Earl Sweatshirt, who helped lay the groundwork for the group, wasn't around to experience it. The then-exiled teen was sent to an all-boys military school in Samoa, but now Earl is back home and will be on "RapFix Live."

On Tuesday (March 20), the squad is releasing The OF Tape, Vol. 2 on their own Odd Future Records. The video for the LP's first single, "Rella," already has already amassed more than 9 million views in a month on YouTube and features Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and Tyler running amok and terrorizing residents in a suburban community. The Tape's second video, for "NY (Ned Flander)," is just as zany, with Tyler appearing as a rapping baby.

While Tyler is without a doubt the most popular of the crew, each member has either a solo project or off-shoot group projects in the works. Hodgy Beats and Left Brain for MellowHype and are prepping their upcoming album Numbers, while Syd Tha Kid and Matt Martians released their Purple Naked Ladies album in December under the moniker the Internet. Domo Genesis, Mike G and OF singer/songwriter Frank Ocean all have upcoming projects in the works.

If we're lucky, the crew will also talk about their upcoming sketch comedy television series "Loiter Squad," which premieres on Cartoon Network on March 25, but when it comes to Odd Future, there is really no telling.

Catch odd Future on "RapFix Live" Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET on MTV.com, and be sure to join the Twitter conversation using the hashtags #RapFixLive. Send your questions for the artists to @MTVRapFiX