50 Cent Announces July Release For Fifth Album

By Kevin Lavi

50 Cent announced on Tuesday that his fifth studio album will be released this summer. “My album is coming out july 2. I got some heat trust me I'm ready,” Fif tweeted. The announcement comes after 50 Cent called out Interscope Records for a lack of support surrounding the release of the LP. He later tweeted an apology, admitting that he overreacted, and still wants to work with Jimmy Iovine and Interscope Records.

50 Cent Performs Get Rich Or Die Tryin' At SXSW With Eminem

50 plans on releasing two albums in a row despite the long delay leading up to his fifth studio album. "I think I'd like to launch this record and come right back and launch another record following it” the G-Unit CEO said late in January. "It's been three years since my last album, so I've recorded so much material that I'm really excited about trying to get those ideas to the general public so they get a chance to hear it and appreciate it.”

His latest project was The Big 10 mixtape , released in December, which featured new G-Unit artists Precious Paris and Kidd Kidd. Explaining the reason for the July 2 release date 50 tweeted: “My birthdays july 6 so that's a cool date for ME. Its gonna be july2 album, july4 independence day, then july6 my birthday.”

This past weekend, Fif appeared at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas where Eminem joined him onstage to help perform his 2003 album Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

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