Frank Ocean Drops 'Whip Appeal' And 'White'

By Raynold Fabre-Jeune

In just one year Frank Ocean went from a little known singer/songwriter out of the Odd Future collective, to one of music’s most sought after talents working with Beyoncé and her hubby Jay-Z. While we wait for the major label follow-up to his new-age classic Nostalgia/Ultra, Frank kept whetted fans appetites this week with two new songs, the bright and sunny “Whip Appeal” and the slow and serene “White.”

"Whip Appeal,” which Frank released via his tumblr page this past weekend is a synthy-yet-soulful affair where the OFWGKTA serenades the pretty girl who is driving his sports car. The song’s story unfolds within Frank’s calming melody and with a suspended license and the object of his affection at the wheel the “Novacane” singer envisions the perfect day, riding around town with his lady friend.

"White,” Frank’s solo cut from Odd Future’s upcoming March 20 The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 also was leaked onto the Internet this past weekend. The track is a short two-minute reflection on the singer’s dreams of love. Driven mainly by only a piano, Ocean tries to recall his first love, but finds difficulty doing so in the face of his new feelings.

Still no official word on when Frank Ocean will release his Nostalgia/Ultra follow-up, but when he does, if it sounds anything like this, it’ll be worth the wait.

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