Katy Perry Puts Her Stamp On Jay-Z, Kanye West's 'Paris'

Jocelyn Vena

It seems that there’s an epidemic among pop stars. They all think they are actually rappers. The latest singer who has fallen victim to the rapping illness is Katy Perry, who put her PG-stamp on “N----s In Paris.”

Performing for Radio 1 Live Lounge in England on Monday, the singer let go of her usual love of all things sugary sweet and candy-coated for her dark-ish cover of the beloved Watch The Throne track. For the performance, she donned a skin-tight black and gold dress and Yankees cap. Certainly a look her “E.T.” pal, Yeezy, would approve of.

Rap-singing her way through the fan favorite, she kicked it off the only way anyone who performs that song can: “Well, I just want to say we’re gonna skate to one song and one song only,” she said before going. “This is about to get real embarrassing.”

From there, she launched into her version of the song, slowing it down a bit and cleaning it up even more, Katy played it pretty straight. Her delivery of the track, however, came off a bit of how it might sound if Liza Minnelli decided to cover the WTT standard with a full rock band there to back her.

In the end, she had this to say about her cover for anyone who might want to hate on her MC-ing skills, “I definitely was not rapping,” she confessed after her cover of the song.

Well, if she did want to go full rapper, she might want to give Justin Bieber Shawty Mane a call. He knows all about making the transition from pop star to rap prodigy.