Charles Hamilton Disses J. Cole In New Song

By Nadeska Alexis

Talk about shots coming out of left field. The industry hasn't heard much from Charles Hamilton over the past year, but the Harlem rapper resurfaced this week long enough to release a diss track directed at J. Cole. The new song comes as a bit of a surprise, considering that Hamilton once heralded Cole as one of the best rappers in the game. Hamilton accuses the North Carolina rapper of not writing his own lyrics, badmouthing Jay-Z...and even calls him ugly.

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“I remember when I met you, you was dissin’ Jay, S--- bothered me anyway, It’s not that I didn’t like him, I just heard rumors," Hamilton raps. "And I heard you was my junior, Throwin’ up the Roc sign, I assumed that you knew what it meant, Apparently, you didn’t, Ni--a you was fishin, barely was livin’, And I’m the one who put you in your new position / Just remember, n----.”

Cole and Hamilton reportedly had a falling out that prompted him to record this track, but who knew that they were so close to begin with? Back in December Canibus took a random shot at Cole as well, claiming that the Roc Nation rapper had not paid proper homage to him, by reaching out for a collaboration. Two days later he retracted his words, after receiving plenty of backlash.

"I've seen thousands and thousands of comments of ['J. Cole'], and all the negativity it's stirring up,” he said in a video blog. “After 48 hours of, I feel confident enough to say that it's unanimous. Hip-hop has spoken up loud and clear, it's a 'cole world' right now, and you're reignin' champ, J. I take full responsibility for my actions and I apologize for steppin' over the line. It comes off as tacky, unsophisticated, and it's just not G. I love hip-hop too much to further justify my selfish behavior."

It's a Cole World ya'll.