Live Blog: Jay-Z Takes Center Stage At SXSW

Here we are, inside one of SXSW's most buzzed about events ever, Jay-Z's

first-ever solo performance at Austin City Limits Moody Theater for the "Amex Sync Show Presenting Jay-Z."

Unsurprisingly, this theater is packed. Lines are stretched outside the doors, around city blocks, into the next county almost. The crowd is diverse, to say the least. But very energetic. Here we go!

It's. About. To. Go. Down.

8:37 PM: Here we go! Lights go down, everyone on their phones. Flashes galore.

8:40: "SXSW, you're welcome!" Quote of the night.

8:51: Re-start!! Jay stopped and re-started because he didn't want the background track behind him?

"I don f--- around with the words to my sings, yall came to see a live show right?"

8:51: The crowd effing loved that, if it wasn't obvious. His start/re-start thing.

8:57: 99 Problems was backed by black and white video footage from his original clip (I think) via video screens on the stage made to look like regular blocking.

First time they were activated on that one. They're off now.

9:00: So maybe this crowd is full of more serious fans than I thought?

Lots of singing/rapping from the crowd and not just on the choruses!

9:07: Playin the crowd like a fiddle, he is. They are eating it up here. In case it's not obvious.

9:17: Totally just saw him smile. He is enjoying this! Not just a corp. gig now. ; Diamonds in the sky on this one!

9:36: People have been dancing their asses off and jumping so much that the temp in this place is suddenly a crazy hot box.

Relaxed, mellow vibe in here right now ... Maybe Jay's tryin to cool us all down!

9:46: I guess there are some Nova Scotia-ins in the audience after all?

Audience loving the starts and stops ... Keeping the energy up during pauses. They kept singing the chorus on that last one before he re-started.

9:53: Y'all going to make me crawl away from here tonight ... Even though he seems to be losing his voice? Still killing it!! Making us all work. Too friggin amazing.