Whitney Houston's Sister-In-Law Details Day Of Singer's Death

By Nadeska Alexis

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Whitney Houston’s family aired in its entirety on Sunday night on OWN, and the candid discussion touched on Whitney’s career, personal life and her final days. Her sister-in-law and manager, Patricia Houston, marked the singer’s troubles beginning in the 90s, up until the week before her death where she confirmed that Whitney was acting strange. In the final moments, she revealed that Whitney’s brother and bodyguard Ray was “trying to revive her to the point of exhaustion.”

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Houston was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel room on February 11, just a few hours before she was scheduled to attend Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party. Patricia Houston says she left the hotel to run an errand, before returning to discover that Whitney was already gone.

"She'd been asking for me all morning. ... She called my phone twice. She hadn't seen my face. Usually I go up and see her and that was one day I didn't,” Patricia said, detailing the scene as she made her way to Whitney’s room, "and I hear screams. I kept walking very slow. A woman opened her door and said, 'Is everything all right?' I said 'Dial 911.' "

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"I knew something was wrong. I didn't know what. I was just numb. I walked," she continued. "As I got closer," says Pat, "and I turn the corner, [her assistant] Mary's at the door and she's screaming, 'Oh my God.' I told her to stop. 'Calm down, please.' "

"I saw my brother, Ray, trying to revive her to the point of exhaustion. The paramedics were coming in at that point. I said, 'Ray, let it go.' He was so out of breath. I felt so badly for him."

Patricia admitted that she forced herself to remain calm for the sake of Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, who was staying just down the hall. “I just had to keep my calm. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but I had to do it."

Patricia also talked about Whitney’s struggle with drugs, defending Bobby Brown but admitting that she’d tried to get her help before. "In 2003, 2004, I had spoken to Bobby's mother,” she said. "We were always trying, but the choice was always theirs, and hers."

The cause of Whitney Houston’s death has not been revealed as yet.