Election 2012, Who Said It: A Rapper Or A Republican?

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By: Uptin Saiidi (@uptin), with reporting by Becca Frucht

Who would have thought rappers and Republican Presidential candidates were so similiar? If you followed Super Tuesday coverage, you'll know that it's not getting any more decisive for the political party. Despite having hopes of getting a clear frontrunner after 11 states had their primaries on Tuesday, there's still uncertainty as both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum took leads, and Newt Gingrich won his homestate of Georgia. Becca Frucht took MTV Clutch’s idea into the field while in Georgia speaking with young voters at a Newt Gingrich victory party.

She softned the political tone of the party by quoting rappers and Republican Presidential candidates to see if people could distinguish the two. And while you might not think rappers and Republican politicians would necessarily have any sort of similar quotes, you might just be surprised. Think you'll be able to tell the difference? Give it a try yourself before you check out the answers at the bottom.

1. "Everybody wants a shot in this land of opportunity."

2. "You can say I'm a hater, but I would argue I am a lover."

3. "You're child was the first to go with budget cuts."

4. "I want to shift the entire planet and im doing it. i am now a famous persona, i represent real power."

5. "Who let the dogs out?"

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Answers: (1) Nas (2) Rick Santorum, (3) Lupe Fiasco, (4) Newt Gingrich, (5) Mitt Romney & Baha Men