Ice Cube Blames Beats By Dre Headphones For 'Detox' Delay

Photo via Dajaz1

By Kevin Lavi

Are Dre Beats the reason we don’t have a Detox album yet? Former N.W.A. member and still good friend of Dr. Dre, Ice Cube stopped by to "Sway in the Morning" this week to chat about what’s going on in his career right now. Cube spoke briefly about progress on the N.W.A. movie, the deal with his next "Friday" movie, and why Dr. Dre has yet to release the much anticipated Detox album.

“Nobody knows Dre quite like you do, why do you think it is he hasn’t dropped his album?” Sway asked Cube during his morning show. “Honestly? Man those headphones are selling, selling, selling,” Cube tells Sway, “Now, what would you rather sell somebody, some $300 dollar headphones or a $10 dollar tape?”

Fans of Dr. Dre have been waiting patiently for the Detox album ever since the release of his 2001 album in 1999. Recently there has been a small surge in content from Dre. In 2010 Dr. Dre’s single, "Kush" leaked online. “Kush” was followed by “I Need A Doctor,” which features his protégé Eminem.

Dr. Dre hinted at an April 20 release date for Detox back in January 2011. A rep for the rapper was quick to confirm that Detox will not be released on the April 20 release date fans were buzzing about.

Fans have been left waiting in the cold with no news of Detox for quite some time. Ice Cube’s comment on why Dr. Dre has yet to release Detox might've seemed like he was shying away from giving a real answer, but it’s obvious that Dre has kept himself busy with his Beats by Dre line of headphones.

Perhaps Ice Cube gave us the key to seeing a Detox album one day. Maybe we should stop buying Dre's Beats?