Basketball Wives, Ep 3 Recap: Kenya, Kenya, Kenya!

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Last night's Basketball Wives may as well have been dubbed the "let's fire shots at Kenya and then talk about her behind her back" episode. From her music to her looks, the girls had little nice to say about Kenya Bell. "Her weave looks like a wig. Like it's a little to the left," Evelyn Lozada muses when she first meets the newcomer. During auditions for what will inevitably be an epic music video, Kenya gives a tearful thank you to her team which doesn't include Kesha Nichols. Ouch!

Basketball Wives' Tami Roman On Newcomers Kenya, Kesha

Kesha wants her kudos, especially being a professional dancer, and views this as the ultimate dis. She's SO over Kenya and "will keep her distance from her." Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman, Royce Reed and Evelyn join in the cat fight and criticize Kenya too. Birds of a feather... Shaunie, the peacemaker, finally puts an end to the bickering but it's too late; Kesha admits that she'll never be friends with Kenya. *Tears*

The pariah Kenya then meets with Tami one-on-one to discuss her music career. She shares that she has a new manager but needs help with her imaging. "The package has to be better than the talent," Tami preaches and suggests that the budding singer find a glam squad. Glam squad must mean "gauntlet" in this world, because the team of professionals Tami wrangles up literally tear apart the poorly-equipped Kenya. Kenya walks in late to the meeting with her photos on a hard drive and then proceeds to play her music, which sounds straight out of Twilight, on an antique looking stereo that was likely found in the Smithsonian Museum. "Take off that mortician jacket!" one of the professionals yells at Kenya, as she awkwardly shows off some faux Beyonce moves. Pure comedy.

Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman Dishes On Evelyn Lozada & Chad Ochocinco

This season's party animal, Suze Ketcham, shows off her drunk side during Royce's charity event (For those keeping count at home, this is one of what will be several charity events this season). Suze admits to Kesha that she never liked Kenya either and the two bond over their common enemy. The boisterous Suze then proceeds to get very toasted and loud. "How you gonna put me at the bar at a charity event and not expect me to drink?" Suze asks. A valid question and note to all future charity planners.

On a very serious note, the episode ends with Tami going into therapy. We see the usually hot-blooded Tami working on her anger management. "I don't want to be mad all the time," she tells her therapist and reveals that she harbors longstanding anger inside. When asked why she's so short-tempered, Tami admits that she has had a very rough life. She was raped twice, held up at gunpoint and even beaten up. "I've been violated so many times by people that I thought cared about me," Tami shares in a poignant moment.