DJ Whoo Kid And Paris Give Chavis Chandler Some Game


Chavis Chandler is a name that hip-hop fans may want to get familiar with. As a member of Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade, the young Detroit MC is ready to put on for his city and during Wednesday’s “RapFix Live” he got some key encouragement from DJ Whoo Kid and G-Unit’s latest signee Paris during the show’s “Get in the Game” segment.

First Chandler played his “OFTLOA (Only For the Love of Art)” video from his Breath of Fresh Air II mixtape and then he Skype’d into the show to chop it up with host Sway and the G-Unit representatives.

“You’re in tune with that fan base and the beat is hot and the video is very creative,” Whoo Kid said of “OFTLOA.”

The world renowned DJ is familiar with Chavis’ homey Danny Brown, thanks to the songs that he has recorded with G-Unit’s Tony Yayo, so it’s easy for Whoo Kid t catch on to the Bruiser Brigade vibe. “I see the connection with him brings out your creativeness,” he told Chavis of his relationship with Danny Brown.

Paris, who is a newcomer herself, humbly told Chavis that he wasn’t too far behind where she is now. “You’re almost there I can see your hungry already, you’re almost there,” she said.

Does Chavis Chandler have what it takes to get in the game? Tell us in the comments!