Ciara Appears Alongside Adam Sandler In 'That's My Boy' Trailer

MTV News exclusively premiered the trailer for the upcoming Adam Sandler film "That's My Boy" this week and Ciara appears alongside Sandler in the NSFW clip. In the film Ciara plays the role of the good-natured bartender Brie, who befriends the comedian. Sandler stars in the clip alongside Andy Samberg. Check out the trailer above

"It's a hard R, which is extremely exciting, just in the fact that I don't know that Sandler has ever done a hard R before, not with Happy Madison," Samberg told MTV News in an exclusive interview. "The cut that I saw, which I loved, is what I thought the movie was going to be: the Happy Madison sensibility with a much edgier R-rating."

ndeed, we'd say that ending the trailer with a wedding dress covered in vomit and other bodily fluids fits the bill Samberg's talking about. And if the Lonely Island frontman can be taken at his word, we still haven't seen anything yet.

"Sandler was having a lot of fun, doing stuff he hasn't done since, really, his early albums, which is when I first became obsessed with him," the "Saturday Night Live" performer said. "It's certainly classic Sandler. He's doing a Boston accent the whole movie; he's off the rails, cursing every other word. We were dying the whole time we were shooting."

Part of the reason Samberg's so excited to have been a part of "That's My Boy" is his longtime status as a Sandler fan.

"I've been joking that I've been carrying around this face my entire life, basically leading up to this moment where somebody says, 'Hey, there's this movie where someone has to play Adam Sandler's kid, but he's closer in age to Sandler than a normal kid would be,' " he laughed. "As soon as I read the script, I knew I wanted to do it. It sat for a while, but right around last fall, I heard that they were maybe thinking of doing it again. I told Sandler I'd love to do it, and he said, 'We'll see if we do it!' And we did it! It was the happiest call."

"That's My Boy" hits theaters June 15.

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