Too $hort Dubs Himself 'The George Clooney Of Hip-Hop'

Music News

By Raynold D Fabre-Jeune

Not many rappers have careers as long and storied as Too $hort, and after announcing the release of his 19th album No Trespassing on “RapFix Live” last month, the hip-hop veteran had plenty more to say after its' release on February 28. In an interview with TheBoomBox the West Coast rapper reflects on how he’s evolved throughout the years, and even dubs himself “the George Clooney of the rap game.”

Too $hort explained how easy it was to put together his most recent project, after clocking in so many years in the game. “Somewhere around the fifth, sixth album, we got this little formula together where we knew how to record Too $hort songs,” he said. “You need the bassline, a good drum pattern, call in the keyboard, the guitars -- it's just a way we mixed it all together. We pretty much always saw ourselves as a spinoff of Parliament-Funkadelic -- if you listen to the older albums.”

Too $hort also revealed that he has dubbed himself the George Clooney of the rap game, explaining that he has no intentions of getting married any time soon. “I'm the George Clooney of hip-hop. It's not gonna happen. I'm not eligible. It's just not gonna happen,” he said. “The only way I'll ever get married is in a business-friendship-relationship. It's gotta be like, "This makes sense." I'd marry for money. Like if you're filthy, f---ing wealthy, not no hand-me-down money where you're waiting to get it. And I'll tell you, "You know I'm only marrying you 'cause you're rich." Outside of that, I'd marry for a partnership if I felt like we could partner up as friends. It'd be like a "Let's grow old together type of thing." I would never marry for feelings and love. In my mind I get married every three months.”