Drake Brushes Off Ludacris, Pusha T And Future Disses

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By Nadeska Alexis

Let's be honest, rappers love taking shots at Drake, but for the most part the Young Money rapper has done his best to brush off the naysayers. He and Common recently squashed their beef (proof is in the picture) but in the latest issue of Vibe, Drake actually addresses the two rappers who have taken direct shots at him in the past year, and one who might've taken a shot? That'd be Ludacris, Future and Pusha T.

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Drake on Ludacris: When Luda dropped his mixtape 1.21 Gigawatts: Back To the First Time in November, he took aim at Drake and Big Sean for criticizing his use of the "Supa Dupa" punch line flow (hashtag rap). Big Sean was gracious about the whole thing, reiterating his respect for Luda, while Drake responded with one blunt tweet. Now: "[Ludacris,] that’s a case of someone trying to use my marketing money to get things going again for themselves," he said. "That didn’t affect my day, my month, my year. I didn’t take any of that seriously."

Drake on Future: Last year Drake jumped on the remix of Future's hit single "Tony Montana," but when he was unable to appear in the video, the Atlanta rapper had a few choice words, saying it was "a slap in my face." Didn't rub Drake the wrong way though. "I’ve got no issues with [Future]," he said. "I’m happy I got on the song ['Tony Montana']."

Drake on Pusha T: Pusha T released a freestyle over the beat to Drake's single "Don't F--- With Me," and although he's never admitted as such, his line "The swag don’t match the sweaters," didn't do anything to convince us that he wasn't talking about Drake. The Toronto rapper didn't understand the basis for Pusha's "subliminal" shot: "I’ve been really open about my love for the Clipse. I don’t know [why he dissed me], maybe that guy is bored."