Basketball Wives Star Tami Roman Breaks Down Evelyn, Jennifer Beef

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy with reporting by Rebecca Thomas

"Basketball Wives" star Tami Roman breaks down the heart of this season’s conflict: former bffs Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams. Following last season’s reunion, Evelyn alleges that Jen wrote an incendiary blog post about her (Jen disputed that her publicist probably wrote the post) and the decade plus friendship has been on the outs ever since.

Despite being “nosy” on the premiere episode (her words), Tami assures fans that she’s going to stay neutral and likes both Ev and Jen. "I mind my business. Unless it pertains directly to me, I stay out of other people's drama," Tami tells MTV's RapFix. Hmmm…Bets on how long that neutrality will last?

On tonight’s episode of "Basketball Wives," the plot largely consisted of the women noshing around NYC and talking plenty o’ smack about each other. Evelyn furiously plans her upcoming wedding to Chad Ochocinco and debated on logistics, including who would walk her down the aisle. Eventually she agreed on her brother-in-law Anthony, who’s sadly been battling cancer. “I would trade everything just to give him life,” Evelyn says to her mother.

Jen and Suzie Ketcham rolled their eyes over new cast mates Kenya Bell and Kesha Nichols, mostly due to the fact that the new duo called Jen “bougie”. They then found out through a (shock) Google search that Kenya has a very active YouTube career with plenty of booty shaking and drop-it-like-its-hot dance flicks. “Someone needs to tell her it’s not cute!” Suzie laughs at Kenya’s side project. Kenya’s clearly been practicing (word to Drake) and says that these videos are merely the impetus for her music career. For the Kenya fans out there, we see her plan her first music video shoot at Juliet Supper Club in NYC (try their hummus) so mark your iCals now for that premiere!

If Kenya is the next Beyonce, then Royce Reed is gunning for Meryl Streep’s spot. We see the pint-sized Royce audition and then snag a role in an off-off Broadway show. Bravo!

Evelyn then heads back to Miami to confront Chad about rumors of his infidelities that she’s heard about on Twitter and on the blogs (best.sources.ever). “Everybody’s your homegirl, everybody’s your girlfriend,” Evelyn accuses Chad. “I don’t think you realize that it’s a problem.” Chad gives Ev the puppy dog eyes while puffing on a cigar and deflects the conversation. “I want you to tighten up,” Ev says, flatly. She ends up breaking down and says, “I don’t want to end up like everybody else” and then says, she’d rather him be real with her; if he’s going to cheat, at least she should know. Chad responds, that in order to keep their relationship hot, he may want to bring in another woman into their bedroom. For the record, Ev doesn't exactly say "no."

What the what? Things are getting spicy…

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