Jennifer Lopez's Stylist Denies Dress Malfunction At Oscars

Getty Images

By Jocelyn Vena

Jennifer Lopez and her revealing dress commanded almost as much attention as the award winners at the Oscars on Sunday night (February 26). The deep plunge on J.Lo's formfitting outfit was spectacle enough, but during the show some viewers thought that a wardrobe malfunction exposed a bit more of the 42-year-old singer. Despite all of the talk of a slip on Twitter, Lopez's stylist Mariel Haenn tells MTV News in a statement that what you actually saw was a lot of nothing.

"The Oscar dress was custom-made for Jennifer by designer Zuhair Murad. The dress fit perfectly to her every inch," Haenn explained. "There were cups built in and there's no chance that there were any how do you say? 'Slips.' While the dress did give the illusion of sheerness, jokes on everyone who wishes they saw something!"

The sparkling gown dazzled on the stage when Lopez stood alongside her "What to Expect When You're Expecting" co-star, the Gucci-clad Cameron Diaz; the two were presenting the Oscar for Best Costume Design and Best Makeup. Regardless of whether anything did end up slipping out, Haeenn promises that if you liked Sunday's costume design for Ms. Lopez, then stay tuned: She's got more sexiness up her sleeve. Haenn said, "If you thought that dress was hot wait until you see what's next."

The possible nip-slip moment was so hotly debated on Twitter by celebrities and fans that Lopez's body part even got its own Twitter account. And as you might imagine, the handle is not subtle, simply going by JLos Nipple. The Twitter account seems to have a sense of humor, with jokes like, "I have no regrets. ... I have been confined for years and have never been given a chance to be heard. #nipslips." Another tweet reads, "For people that don't have HD ... I understand why you aren't following me. For everyone else ... you're welcome."