Nicki Minaj Performs At NBA All-Star Game, Fans React

Mike Ehrmann/Getty

After donning a cheerleading outfit during the Super Bowl and putting on The Exorcist (the musical) at the 2012 Grammys, all eyes were on Nicki Minaj for her performance at the NBA All-Star Game. Even after criticism that her stage shows have become too over the top, Nicki performed a medley of hits including “Moment 4 Life” and “Starships” while dressed in a futuristic getup and pink wig. Fans who were hoping for a more toned down, hip-hop performance didn’t exactly get what they wanted, but they took to Twitter with a few mixed opinions on the set.

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@LKCarelessWorld T H I S !!! RT @ChrisBrownation: The old hood Nicki Minaj SLAYS this new Lady Gaga Nicki Minaj. #ThatIsAll

? @stopbeingfamous Nicki Minaj is just beginning to be wack to some people. astounding. she was from the gate.

@NMinajSupport People hating know they watched the #allstargame just for Nicki Minaj, knowing well they never watch Basketball, thanks for the views.

@livedreampinkIn February, Nicki Minaj has performed at The Superbowl, Grammys and NBA All-Star game. Has any other female rapper done that before..oh ok.

? @DJScratch3 Nicki Minaj performances? I thought she was about to sing the National Anthem too lol

T-vocalz @DJScratch Nicki Minaj mightest well did the National Anthem, MJB needs some bench time. Shawty couldn't hold one note

@RoFloESPN Let me guess... David Stern choreographed Nicki Minaj's performance right? #allstargame

@ThaDynasty93i wouldve rather seen Mary J Blige perform her whole first album than seen Nicki Minaj even once

@AndrewSiciliano The NBA All Star player introductions were hidden in a 20 minute NIcki Minaj concert. Few better ways to chase viewers to the Oscars...

@TaraDecoda: Nicki Minaj (re-)opened the door for female rappers, then walked out the room...

@StFuTwEEtin The old nicki Minaj will never appear again ...

@CardboardGeraldI wish someone had tried to jump over nicki minaj during the dunk contest but failed

@xoxo_bre Nicki Minaj before >>> Nicki Minaj now.