Hip-Hop Experts Share Their Personal 'Hottest MCs' List

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By Nadeska Alexis

MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game VII” countdown has officially come to an end, with Rick Ross pulling in at the #1 spot over Drake, but the controversy hasn’t died down just yet. Fans, bloggers and everyone in between have continued to weigh in on the list via Twitter, debating the order in which they would rank the hottest MCs from the past year. On Wednesday’s episode of “RapFix Live” Sway was joined by two industry veterans, LowKey of You Heard That New and Sirius XM program director Reggie Hawkins, who both gave their thoughts and their personal top ten lists.

Reggie Hawkins’ Top Ten: #10 J. Cole #9. Wale #8. Big Sean #7 Meek Mill #6 Nicki Minaj #5 Lil Wayne #4 Jay-Z #3 Drake #2 Kanye #1 Rick Ross.

“You guys hit the nail on the head with Rick Ross,” Hawkins explained after revealing his top ten. “He was on all of the most dominant records that ruled the air waves in 2011——”I’m On One,” I’ma Boss”—and then you have the people who came out of his camp, Meek Mill, Wale, those guys made a significant impact on hip-hop.”

Low Key’s list differed, with Kanye West and Drake battling it out for the top spot.

Low Key’s Top Ten: #10 J. Cole #9 Wale #8 Meek Mill #7 Wiz Khalifa #6 Big Sean #5 Lil Wayne #4 Rick Ross #3 Jay-Z #2 Drake #1 Kanye West.

“Off of what Kanye did with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, then it came to Watch the Throne, no artist can really do that, just put that project together and get Jay-Z on a collaborative effort like that,” Low Key explained. “I think Kanye was really consistent and stood the test of time. I think he really deserved the #1 spot.”