WWE Star CM Punk Invites Chris Brown To A Brawl

By Jocelyn Vena

It's an interesting time for Chris Brown. With several career highs, which include a Grammy win and performance at the show earlier this month, come several personal lows, including feuds with two other celebrities.

On Tuesday, Brown took to Twitter to address some comments made by WWE wrestler CM Punk in a video he released on TMZ, which itself came in response to an ongoing Twitter feud the guys have been having.

"I'm a lifelong proud, drug-free, straight-edge individual, so Chris and I come from two completely different worlds," Punk said in the video, referring to a previous tweet Brown had posted accusing Punk of taking steroids. "I don't have a manager, I don't have a bodyguard, I don't have an assistant, I have no need for a PR team what to tweet or when to delete tweets, and I don't hit women. Period. In my world women are to be revered and respected and I firmly believe that in this life there are consequences and repercussions for people's actions, and I don't think Chris has paid for what he's done. Picking up trash on the side of a highway does not make amends for repeatedly striking a woman in her face and sending her to hospital.

"So if Chris wants to throw stones my way now, I say that's fine. Let's put some gloves out and get in the ring and I will choke you out and I will make you feel as weak and as powerless and scared and alone as any woman who has had the misfortune of knowing a sad, cowardly, little boy such as yourself. And all proceeds can go to a women's shelter of my choosing ... Chris Brown isn't a man and that's fine. I just know that someday, somewhere, somehow, somebody will put Chris Brown exactly where he belongs and that obviously doesn't have to be me, I would just really like it to be."

After the video was released, Brown responded, "@ the video u just posted was cute! It's so funny how defensive u are. And the fact that I really don't know who you are and could give a sh-- is the funny part! I miss the real wrestlers! (Hacksaw Jim duggan, Brett the hitman heart, coco beware, rowdy roddy piper) #Notnopunks."

Several tweets later, he brought it back to Punk, but noted that he would no longer be addressing the issue. "Note: today will be the last day I bring @ existence up! The confrontations that people continuously bring my way are very amusing," he wrote. "Cuz honestly, that sh-- is too time consuming to argue wit every person who has their own issues to deal with!"

It all started on February 20, when Punk tweeted about Brown's 2009 assault of his then-girlfriend Rihanna. From there, the two became involved in a Twitter back-and-forth. Since Brown's last tweet about the video, as of press time, Punk has not tweeted about it again.