Teyana Taylor Topless Photos Leak On Twitter

Photo: Andreea Radulescu

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Teyana Taylor's Twitter account seems to have sprung a leak. Some very revealing photos of the "Google Me" rapper/scenester were disseminated via her Twitter account yesterday. The pictures feature the 21-year-old in various states of undress, with one of her completely topless. Per The Boombox, a tweet from her account was sent at the time of the photos stating, "F--- Teyanna taylorrr hahahahahhhahahah! Dats what happenes when u lose you're phone bitch! DAT!!!!!!!" so it seems that this may be the handiwork of hackers.

Taylor has not spoken out about the incident and her Twitter profile thereafter seems to imply that she lost her phone and she even asked super producer Missy Elliott to resend her contact information ("check ya dm! I lost all my contacts!"). Taylor also ReTweeted the message, "Shout out to all the scumbag motherf-----s karma is real !!", presumably a response to the eye-popping visuals.

Fans responded with virtual head shaking. "Teyana Taylor accidentally tweeted a topless pic of herself lolol. gots to be more careful," wrote one while another shared, "wow, that's disgusting &awkward."

Keep those phone passwords in a safe place, kids.