Nicki Minaj 'Starships' vs Lil Kim 'If You Love Me:' Who Had The Best Single?

Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim both dropped new singles this week, and both strayed a little bit from the hip-hop aesthetic. Nicki’s “Starships” single found the Young Money rapper bopping along to an upbeat dance track, while Kim’s Valentine Day ode “If You Love Me” finds the Brooklyn veteran venting about a no good dude, against a pop friendly beat with just a hint of auto-tune. Who do you think had the best single this week? Hit the poll after the jump to vote.

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Starships”: Thanks to its bouncy beat, Minaj's sing-songy chorus and producer RedOne's eye for Euro house-influenced pop music, Minaj may have a new "Super Bass." It's a blast of pop goodness in which Nicki raps and sings about partying and doing what feels good for you. The song is also full of signature Minaj sass and bravado. "Starships were meant to fly/ Hands up and touch the sky/ Can't stop 'cause we're so high/ Let's do this one more time," she declares on the feel-good chorus, before it repeats and evolves to a smashing, dance-floor-busting grind of beats, shouts and noises that are certain to get her Barbz on the floor.

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If You Love Me:” Released yesterday as a late Valentine's Day treat for fans (who needs candy and roses when you can have auto tune!), the love rap sees Kim all broken up inside about a no good dude."If you love me you would say it in front of the world/If you love me you would say it in front of the world/If you love me you would say it in front of them/Boy you ain't gotta front for none of them" the hook blasts in a Destiny's Child "Say My Name" throwback moment. Produced by newcomer Prince Saheb, Ray-J's producer, it's unclear whether this is a one-off track or part of a larger project.