Lil' Kim Releases V-Day Single 'If You Love Me'

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

"Happy Valentine's Day but if you really loved me, you would show me everyday," Lil' Kim laments on her new song "If You Love Me." Released yesterday as a late Valentine's Day treat for fans (who needs candy and roses when you can have auto tune!), the love rap sees Kim all broken up inside about a no good dude.

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"If you love me you would say it in front of the world/If you love me you would say it in front of the world/If you love me you would say it in front of them/Boy you ain't gotta front for none of them" the hook blasts in a Destiny's Child "Say My Name" throwback moment. Produced by newcomer Prince Saheb, Ray-J's producer, it's unclear whether this is a one-off track or part of a larger project.

Lil' Kim shared her excitement for "If You Love Me" on Twitter and released the song with a tweet, "Hey Guys!!! I just wanted to give a special gift from me to you!!! This is 4 always supporting me & showing LOVE."

In less G-rated Lil' Kim news, Too $hort stopped by MTV earlier this year and shared his recording session stories with Kim for 1997's "Call Me." After receiving approval from the Notorious B.I.G., Kim's boyfriend of sorts at the time, the raunchy duo set out to create a sizzling track. "We tried to, like, have sex on the song," $hort said. "It wasn't physical sex, but we tried to make musical sex. I think we achieved it."

Musical sex always leads to heartbreak.