?uestlove Crowned 'King Of Drums' By Whitney Houston


By Rob Markman

With her music Whitney Houston touched so many lives and for those who were lucky enough to have known her she left an everlasting impact. Just ask Roots drummer ?uestlove, who first met the late pop diva after she called him to drum in one of her videos. “First thing I said was, ‘Wow I don’t even believe you know I’m alive,’” Questo told MTV News correspondents Sway Calloway and James Montgomery as he walked the Grammy carpet Sunday night. “She just ran down my whole resume like, ‘Yeah I know who you are.’”

Not only did Houston know his work, she paid the ultimate compliment to the Philadelphia native. “She made me feel like I was king of the world—she said, ‘You are king of the drums.’”

Without passing judgment Quest says that he is praying that the entire music community focuses on health. “Right now I’m just literally praying for the health of the entire music community,” he said. “I know it’s easy to speculate and just rush to judgment like, ‘Oh drugs,’ but everything it could be cholesterol, it could lack of sleep, it could be anything.”

?Love even pulled aside the Roots and urged them all to take care of their well being. “I want everybody in high form, not just with narcotics and drugs, just with everything,” he said. “I definitely had a talk with my band last night like, ‘Yo we gotta get our health together, because we’re in our 40’s.’”

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