2012 Grammys: Chris Brown Performs & Wins Best R&B Album, Fans React


(Chris Brown performs at the 2012 Grammy Awards)

By Rob Markman

Controversy? What controversy? In the weeks leading up to the 54th Annual Grammy Awards many speculated what kind of reception Chris Brown would receive. It was 2009 when Brown assaulted ex-girlfriend Rihanna a night before both were scheduled to appear at the 51st Grammy Awards. On Sunday night (February 12), none of that mattered, because Breezy simply focused on the music. Fans may not have recognized the intro beat to "Turn Up the Music," Brown's first single from his upcoming fifth album, Fortune, but they're sure to be humming the tune tomorrow following Chris' colorful performance at Sunday's show, followed by a win for Best R&B Album with F.A.M.E.

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When the stage lit up, Brown stood atop a collection of colorful blocks that at times resembled the 1980s arcade game "Q-Bert." The electric-tuned, Underdogs-produced single filled Staples Center, as Brown, who was dressed in a white and gray varsity jacket, white pants and sparkling sneaks, kick-stepped up and down multiple levels of the high-rising stage prop.

As the beat built, the blocks went from red to blue to yellow and green with building intensity before Brown switched gears and went into the more familiar dance single "Beautiful People" from last year's F.A.M.E. LP. The pop star got a bit daring, jumping across the structure while his backup dancers, who wore oversize winged ponchos, followed suit in a high-flying routine.

In the end, there were no innuendos or screen cuts to Breezy's ex-flame Rihanna. Brown simply finished his number, stood triumphantly and saluted the crowd before taking a bow. Following the performance and Brown's Grammy win, fans took to Twitter to weigh in (including Nicki Minaj).

NICKIMINAJ OMG @ that chris brown performance. >>>>>>>> SHUT DOOWWWNNNN

TillieElvrum If I never see Chris Brown dance his way thru a music show again it'll be just fine. #grammys

ciaobella50 Wish I could dance as well as Chris Brown. #Grammys

laurenkgray Congrats Chris Brown!! Look at you! Great album. #Grammys

BmoreFab Aww yayy. Chris Brown. Full circle moment. #grammys

RealMulahTruth Congrats to CHRIS BROWN. #Grammys #TeamBreezy

YesiTweetediT Chris Brown WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh they hatin'!!! #Grammys

fivehundy I was really hoping someone would beat Chris Brown #Grammys

MissterRay Chris Brown won Best R&B Album!!!!!! #Grammys

DazedPuckBunny Whenever I see Chris Brown nominated for anything or performing, my soul dies a little.... #grammys

mattnathanson did chris brown just sing 'put your hands up?' if he did i assume he means in the defensive position. #douche #grammys

KitchenMisfit Oh Chris Brown. WHY!?!? Fail Grammys

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