Fans Predict 2012 Grammy Winners: Best New Artist, Best Rap Song


(Fans predict 2012 Grammy winners)

By Uptin Saiidi (@uptin)

As the 2012 Grammys approach and nominees prep for the big night, winner predictions are heating up amongst artist’s biggest fans. MTV News ventured into Times Square to get thoughts on everything from Best New Artist to Best Rap Song. The biggest anticipation centered around Jay-Z, Chris Brown, and Adele.

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For Best Rap Song, most fans MTV News spoke to were torn between "Otis" and "Look At Me Now." "I would like to see Jay-Z “Otis” win," Anisa Fraser, 18 said, before being interrupted by her friend, Analy Miranda, also 18. "No, no Chris Brown all the way, "Look At Me Now," should win best rap song."

Best new artist had fans torn mostly between J. Cole and Nicki Minaj. "I really want to see Nicki Minaj take it home, ever since she's been with young money and Lil Wayne and all those guys, and now she's got "Super Bass" out there, and she performed at the Super Bowl," said Justin Dllacort, 20.

But winning Best New Artist isn't exactly a win in everyone's eyes. "I really like Bon Iver but I think that Best New Artist is a curse, so I'd rather it see go to someone i don’t like as much," Maureen Kelley, 26, said.

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What we found most is how diverse people's favorites are this year. When asked which artist should take home the most awards this year, 20-year-old Chris Deprima said, "Adele. She is a great artist, she's got a lot of great songs. I'm also a Jay-Z fan though, so I'd give it to Jay just because I'm a Jay-Z fan." He said before closing with a shout-out to Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter.