A Closer Look At Jay-Z And Kanye West's 'Paris' Video


(MTV News' Hip-Hop Team takes a closer look at 'Paris' video)

Kanye West and Jay-Z released the video for their "N---as in Paris" single on Thursday (February 9) and it was filled with plenty of off-the-wall visuals that took some time to soak in. The MTV News Hip-Hop team gathered to discuss the new footage and share their opinions on the Kanye West-directed clip, which is only the second video to be released from Watch the Throne, following the "Otis" debut last summer.

'N----s In Paris' Video: Best Still Shots

RapFix also spoke to L.A. filmmaker Russell Sanzgiri, who worked with Ye' on the Spike Jonze mini flick "We Were Once A Fairytale," to break down the eye-catching visuals from a director's perspective. "The main technique used in the video is Split screen. They really just took an image and mirrored it on the other side of the frame and made really interesting choices in the edits of the camera moves," Sanzgiri says. "This was painstakingly edited and it goes well to the beat too, so they took their time with this...I think to make a video as interesting and as fun as this, they had to love it."

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