Brandy, Monica Reunite On Single 'It All Belongs To Me'

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

They sparred over the same guy in "The Boy Is Mine" and fourteen years later, Brandy and Monica have reunited. The duo's new song "It All Belongs To Me" (produced by Rico Love, who also helmed Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams") is all about girl power and kicking that no-good-low-down-dirty-dog guy to the curb. Forgotten are those pesky albeit soulful spats over actor Mekhi Phiffer and the two ladies now share an amicable front.

Brandy, Monica Record Follow-Up To 'The Boy Is Mine'

The singers defiantly tell their sleazy ex-flame that they've had enough and laundry list what they're taking away from the broken relationship. Add to the requisite takeaways: clothes, cars and rings, is the somewhat surprising/hilarious MacBook (setting up WiFi all over again on a new computer really is no joke).

"Dream Big. Gods truth is in us all. So Walk in your purpose. Thanks to all those who have supported the journey MB & @4everBrandy2012?IABTM," Monica tweeted after the song dropped and ReTweeted by Brandy. Aww, they're even besties on social media!

Two different versions of the song will appear on Monica’s album New Life, due Apri 10, and Brandy’s RCA/Chameleon debut, due this spring. A video, directed by Chris Robinson, will be shot on February 13.