Warrant Issued For Bow Wow's Arrest While He's In Europe

By Raynold D Fabre-Jeune

A Georgia judge has put out an order for Bow Wow to be arrested on sight. In 2009, a Tennessee court ordered the Cash Money rapper to make a payment to a tour bus company for allegedly not paying his bill. The case was then transferred to Georgia—where Bow Wow resides—to enforce the issue, but it was never resolved. If Bow Wow is taken into custody, then he will remain behind bars until payments are made to the company in question, but he doesn’t seem to be too fazed by the whole situation.

Bow Wow's 'Underrated' Album Shaped By Experience

In a tweet posted earlier today, Bow Wow wrote, “Been here before.... Haha,” along with a picture of two young men sitting behind bars. The 24-year-old rapper has a scheduled performance in France on February 7, 2012 and he feels confident that he will be performing there, believing that his legal issues will not stand in his way. "All I know is that I’m on a World Tour and i gotta sold out show in Paris France tomorrow,” he wrote. “All they doing is making my album gain momentum."

Bow Wow’s seventh studio album Underrated is due out on Cash Money Records this spring. During his recent visit to "RapFix Live," he explained that the album was shaped by his recent experiences. "I had to go through a lot of things for me to be able to write the type of things I'm writing now, to understand my fans, to be on the ground level. Not above my people, but right there with my people," he said. "I would probably need another three years to live before I can create another one. Just so I could go through different things."