50 Cent Wins $1 Million Super Bowl Bet, Birdman Wins Nothing

By Raynold D Fabre-Jeune

50 Cent kicked off the betting madness when he placed $500,000 on the Giants during their matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, then Birdman topped that with plans to wager $5 million on a Patriots win in the Super Bowl. 50 Cent wasn’t ready to jump in for $5 milli, but he did place a $1 million bet on the New York Giants in last night’s game, and in an interview with Yahoo he addressed Birdman’s bet and clarified rumors that he would tweet a nude photo if the G-Men lost.

“I don’t think that Birdman was actually risking 5 million dollars, however, I do think he is passionate about the Patriots,” 50 told Yahoo, going on to explain that he placed a $1 million bet on the game, using the winnings from his previous wager. According to Birdman's Twitter account, however, he was pretty serious about the bet. "Nobody would touch my 5million not even 1million Bet.scared money don't make nomoney. . Now I'm gone spend some$$$$$.YMCMB," he wrote on Monday, following the big game.

In the past week, rumors also circulated that 50 agreed to take nude pics if he lost the best but the G-Unit Ceo denied that, explaining that someone on Twitter requested that he take the photo, and he simply replied with “okay” as a way to brush them off.