Timbaland Roots For Patriots With Super Bowl Theme Song

By Rob Markman

Some stars have shown their enthusiasm for the Super Bowl with major bets (see Birdman's $5 million stake on the Patriots) but others, like Timbaland, went the route of making music to accompany the big game. The veteran producer wants the New England Patriots to defeat the New York Giants on Sunday night (February 5) and he made a new song in support of the team and tight end Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski. "I just did it almost to be playing around, just to do it," Timbaland told MTV News on Friday from his home in Miami. "It turned out bigger than what I thought."

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The song was uploaded to YouTube last week with the football star's name as its title. The track was produced by Virginia native Tim and Wizz Dumb, but it's newcomer Brasco who rhymes on the energetic tune. "They're yelling, 'Touchdown, touchdown, 87, 87," he raps, referring to Gronk's number.

Gronkowski has 90 catches and 17 touchdowns this season but after suffering a high-ankle sprain, #87 is listed as questionable and may not play in the Super Bowl, though multiple sources tell ESPN that Gronkowski is doing better and is expected to play.

Whether or not Gronk plays, Timbaland is rooting for New England. "I've always been a Tom Brady fan," he said of the Pats' quarterback and biggest star. "I've always liked the Patriots, how they move, how the coach coaches, how the players — you don't hear too much about their business in the media."

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The last time these two teams faced off for the championship was in 2008's Super Bowl XLII, and the Giants came out on top. So for New England and their faithful following, Sunday's big game is a chance at redemption. "It's like a fight. You get one up, the Giants got one up so, of course, the Patriots gotta win," Timbaland said. "If the Patriots win, it'll be a tie. ... Hopefully, they'll win. I think they're ready."

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