K'Naan To Romney: 'My Music Is Concerned With The Very Poor'


By Uptin Saiidi (@uptin)

K'Naan will no longer be taking legal action against Mitt Romney's campaign since they have agreed to stop playing his song, "Wavin' Flag" during political events. A spokesman for the campaign told CBS News that although the song has been used throughout the campaign's regular blanket license, they'll stop playing it out of respect for K'Naan's wishes.

When MTV News caught up with K'Naan via Skype on Thursday (February 2), he that said his song has nothing to do with Romney's political views. "Mitt Romney makes the sort of statements that are the antithesis of the very music that I make," K'Naan said before, referencing a comment Romney made to CNN on Wednesday after his Florida primary win that he isn't worried about the very poor. " 'I'm not very concerned with the very poor' — my music is concerned with the very poor."

K'Naan also felt that Romney's use of the track was distorting the mood it had come to represent — including being used as Coca-Cola's theme song for the 2010 World Cup.

The Somalia-born rapper attributes Romney misusing his song to something greater than even politics, "Music is a feeling and it transcends all of this, even our own convictions and political ideas. I may not believe in the things Mitt Romney believes in, but he might believe in my songs just as much as someone else. That's just the power of music and that’s really a testament to music and how it can bridge things and so forth."