T.I. To Executive Produce Iggy Azalea's 'New Classic' Album

By Nadeska Alexis (@neweryork)

Iggy Azalea dropped her first mixtape Ignorant Art in September, followed by the memorable videos for "P----" and "My World," which caught the attention of honchos like Jimmy Iovine. In January she inked an official deal with Interscope Records and now the 21-year-old rapper will spend the month of February recording, in hopes of dropping her debut album The New Classic by June. She hasn't locked down a production team just yet, but Azalea tells MTV News that T.I. will serve as executive producer for the album.

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"T.I.'s gonna be helping me with it, kind of A&R-ing, kind of executive producing," Azalea said. "He called me up like, 'Please?' and I was like, 'Definitely. You're Tip; I love you — of course.' So he's gonna be helping me out, just reaching out to people and helping me find production and pointing me in the direction of things that I might like."

This will be Azalea's first time working with the Atlanta rapper and Grand Hustle Records CEO, and she's certainly looking forward to it. "Hopefully, that will be really dynamic and it'll help speed things along.

"I'll probably fly out to Atlanta and we'll do it there because he's weird with traveling and stuff. I understand. See we're in touch with each other. I have legal issues; he has legal issues. I get it," she said, joking about T.I.'s legal issues and her own immigration woes, which have prevented her from performing many U.S. shows until recently.

"In terms of writing the record, that's not the part that really worries me; that's easy," she said. "It's finding the production and finding something cohesive that's right for the direction of the album. It could happen next week or I might go until the end of February and not find it. You just never know when you're gonna have that magic."

"If all goes to plan, my album will be out in June and I'll have it recorded by the end of the month."

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