R. Kelly Gets Nostalgic On New Single 'Share My Love'

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

R. Kelly returns from his musical hiatus with the new track "Share My Love." Imbued with old school flavor and plenty of emotion, "Share My Love" is in the same sonic vein as his last album Love Letter. Dipped in creamy soul, the uptempo number just begs to be stepped to. The ditty is high on romance and low on Kells' signature bumping and grinding, but the singer's tongue-and-cheek foreplay skills are well intact. "Populate/Let's get together/Populate," he croons. What woman could resist?

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"Share My Love" is the first single from the singer's upcoming studio album, a follow-up to Love Letter dubbed Write Me Back. Although details have been vague, the album is now slated for release on March 27. This news is a bit of a deviation from what Kelly shared last year about his new music. He told 107.5 WGCI's Morning Riot radio show in Chicago that his next album would be a sexually-charged offering called Black Panties, similar to the raunchy classic 12 Play. In that interview, Kellz didn't reveal much more about the new album, but did say that the first single, titled "10 Minutes" would be coming soon.

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Kelly has largely been on a musical sabbatical in recent time since he underwent emergency throat surgery last year.