Kanye West Stars In Level Six Of The 'Kobe System'

By Sarah Brotherton

“What the f--- you talking about, Kobe Bryant?!” In the most recent installment of Nike’s Kobe System commercials, the ‘attack fast’ and ‘attack strong’ mantra still ensues in all of its hilarity. The three most recent commercials address “Domination,” “Beastion,” and “Success at Success,” leaving no room for lack of motivation from Bryant’s audience of superstars. By far, the funniest spot to date lies in level six where Kobe addresses “Beastion,” with some help from Kanye West.

Kanye West, Serena Williams Appear In Nike's 'Kobe System' Ad

The spot opens on Kanye West as he asks, “How much more do you want from me? How much more successful would you like me to be? How many records can my records break?!” Kobe’s simple response, “More records.” Leaving a dazed and confused West, the spot ends with Bryant’s signature tag, “You’re welcome.”

Kanye’s personal ‘attack fast’ and ‘attack strong’ mantra is no secret to his fans (yes, we’re still sorry, Taylor Swift) but if he couldn’t keep up with the Kobe System, who can? Keep a look out for the remaining spots to turn viral within the next few days...we’ll see if Kanye and his fellow audience members—which includes Jerry Rice, Serena Williams and Aziz Ansari—can pass the #KobeSystem.