Mixtape Daily: Emilio Rojas Hits His 'Breaking Point'


By Rob Markman

Main Pick

Headliners: Emilio Rojas and DJ Green Lantern

Representing: Rochester, New York

Mixtape: Breaking Point

Real Spit: Emilio Rojas has reached his breaking point, and on his mixtape of the same name, the Rochester, New York, MC proves he's ready to break through — whether the rap world is ready or not.

"I named the tape Breaking Point after the record 'Breaking Point' that we dropped in April [2011]," Emilio told Mixtape Daily. "The record just had a really good response, so it just made sense."

The title track details all of the problems the MC has endured in the rap game and beyond. For Rojas, the drama started at home — or so he says on the song, because when he's talking about his childhood, Emilio spills his guts in a dramatic manner reminiscent of Eminem. First, he reveals that his birth was unplanned by his parents, and then he really goes in.

"My daddy learned she was pregnant and he was so angered/ He tried to end it, I'm no stranger to coat hangers/ He getting livid, sittin' in on the clinic visits/ And now he waitin' on drama like it's an intermission/ He takes it out on my mama 'cause he was into hittin'/ And yeah, that's probably the reason my sister is into women," Emilio rhymes.

"When we wrote the record, there was a lot of stuff that was goin' on. Everybody who's in the industry knows how frustrating the industry can be," he explained. "So I was kinda venting on the record."

On "SPIC," Rojas switches gears, showing more pride in his upbringing. Despite being raised by immigrant parents and facing racism, Emilio beats his chest with pride over the stereotypes, eventually flipping them by drawing power from his family's struggle. On "Middle Finger," he shows yet another side by getting political about corrupt cops.

The relative rap newcomer gets a hand from the Grammy Award-winning production trio J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League on "Pimpin." While big-name producers and R&B singers help out on Breaking Point, there are no rap features. Instead, Emilio proves his rap worth with potent bars on tracks like "Classic." With "Blame Me," he slows things down and shows off his singing voice. And the midtempo R&B-laced love song makes it clear that ER is more than just a rapper's rapper; there's definite hit-making potential there.

By the end of the 12-song ride, ER proves that he belongs. Already, there are rumors of a hook-up with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group, but who knows if that will ever pan out? Granted, this is Rojas' fourth mixtape, but when it's all said and done, Breaking Point will probably mark Emilio Rojas' official arrival. Welcome!

Joints to Check For "Pu--- & Cologne": "It's pretty obvious what the record's about. The record is hard, it's street and we go in. It's ignorant enough for people to have fun singing it because they feel like they shouldn't be singing it." "One Last Time": "It's produced by the homey V12 the Hitman; it features Emanny, he does a lot of work with Joe Budden. It's a breakup song, I'm good at those. It's basically just telling a girl like, 'Look, this isn't working but we're sticking with it just for the sex. So let's just get it in one last time and go our separate ways."

"Breaking Point": "It's just about being at that point where your back's against the wall, you're sick of all the bull. That's the point where you decide, 'All right, this is either gonna break you or you gonna break."

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