Alley Boy Explains T.I., Young Jeezy Jabs On 'I Want In'

By Miranda Johnson

“I’m the new king of the streets; game over” and “The A town, this my s---,” were just a couple of Alley Boy’s choice words for Young Jeezy and T.I on his newly released track “I Want In.” The already controversial track is off of Alley Boy’s new Nigganatti mixtape which was released just yesterday. In a recent interview with Fader, Alley Boy addressed his issues with the two Atlanta rappers and explained his motivation behind the jabs.

When asked why he aimed at these two rappers, in particular, he responded “There’s a lot of fake s--- going on in Atlanta. People put up a persona. For example, Jeezy says he’s the realest ni---- in it. That slaps a lot of ni---- in the face who feel like they real. Or T.I. being like, I’m the King of the South. Look at all the forefathers we had before him, like Scarface, 8Ball & MJG. That’s like a slap in their face, too.”

However the up and coming rapper made it clear that he has nothing personal against the two rappers and his reasoning behind this is “I just feel like it’s my time and if I’m going to aim at something, I have to aim high.”

During the interview Alley Boy was also asked about the meaning behind the outlandish title of his new mixtape Nigganatti, he replied “The tape is for people who are discriminated against. Whoever gets stereotyped or just looked at as f---ed up by the so-called normal society, that’s the Nigganatti. It’s for all us.”