Iggy Azalea Signs With Interscope, Dubbed 'The Next Tupac'

By Raynold D Fabre-Jeune

Iggy Azalea has finally come to a decision. The 21-year-old femme rapper has officially inked a record deal with Interscope under the guidance of chairman Jimmy Iovine, who has dubbed her “The Next Tupac.” Previously, Iggy was in talks with Def Jam about a possible contract. However, due to her concerns, she was reluctant to sign on the dotted line. Jimmy Iovine has alleviated her concerns, zeroing in on what the young artist is seeking and Interscope has made plans for Iggy to release her first album The New Classic in June.

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Now, the question on everyone’s mind is: Does Iggy have what it takes to be compared to one of the most controversial artists of all time? "He's crazy,” Azalea told Billboard, of Iovine. “He's like, 'You're the next Tupac!' I'm like you're absolutely insane. But I love it!"

Azalea kicked up a storm with the release of her mixtape Ignorant Art, which caused a few labels to take notice, but she was careful in making her decision. "It took me a long time [to decide] because I went around to every label,” she explained. “I was like, 'Okay I want to meet your A&R, president, vice president, and marketing [team]. Who would do my marketing?' I wanted to know who'd be working on my project and I wanted to meet them."

"It's a family and it's a long-term commitment," Iggy continued. "People aren't just asking you to sign for one album. They're asking you to sign for like three or four, sometimes five. That's like a marriage."