Machine Gun Kelly Arrested After Florida Show, Diddy Worries


By Rob Markman

Machine Gun Kelly is a wild boy and his raging got him in a bit of trouble on Sunday when he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct after a St. Petersburg, Florida show. TMZ broke the news that MTV’s 2011 Hottest Breakthrough MC winner was arrested at 4:12 a.m. ET and released a few hours later after he posted a $100 bond. The Bad Boy rapper then took to Twitter to thank God and his fans.

“Just spent my entire night in a f–king Florida jail… sh– escalated way to quick last night, it always does with us though,” he wrote Sunday afternoon. “Thanking God that only half of us went to jail, that @216XPLOSIVE is outta the hospital, and that we get to go back to Cleveland today…”

MGK’s jail stay wasn’t all that bad, while locked up he learned the power of his Lace Up campaign. “The weirdest part of it was how any inmates in there knew who I was and knew about the movement. It was some trippy sh–. Lace the F–K up,” he wrote before firing off his last tweet about the matter. “Anyways, thank you Florida for ragin this week. Lookin forward to seeing every state during this spring/summer tour (no more handcuffs tho!)”

MGK’s Bad Boy Records boss, Diddy, caught wind of the news via Twitter and seemed to panic just a bit. “@machinegunkelly where the f— are you at? Are you ok? Do you need Bail or a lawyer?????!! Eveyrone hit him to see if he’s ok!” he wrote. “@machinegunkelly WtF!!!!!! Call me at miami crib now!!!!! Everyone hit him and tell him to call me NOW!!!!! Pls thanks!!!!”

While MGK promises it will be his last arrest it wasn’t his first. Back in August 2011, the spirited rap rook was locked up in his hometown Cleveland and charged with disorderly conduct after police said he organized a flash mob at a local mall.

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